Fitrana is part of the third pillar of Islam, Zakat.

Zakat is an act of charity that pleases Allah (SWT) and is the value of an item of staple food. For anyone outside of the Muslim community, it is common to mistake Zakat ul-Fitr for Zakat (Zakat al-Mal), which is another religious obligation that is paid based on a person’s accumulated wealth, because of the similarity in name. However, while Zakat can be paid at any point of the year (depending on when a person’s wealth meets the nisab value and stays above it for one full hawl), Fitrana can only be paid during the month of Ramadan.

Children of Adam collects Fitrana payments from Muslims who donate the payment before the start of Eid prayers, using these funds to help those living in the most poverty-stricken areas to break the fast. This is an act of charity that gives back to the Islamic community.

What is Fitrana?

As Muslims around the world observe sawm (the fast) during Ramadan, Zakat ul-Fitr is a charity that is given to those who are without basic foods. Unlike Zakat where there are certain limitations on who qualifies to make this payment, Fitrana should be paid for everyone in the household – even children without their own source of income.

In the case of someone who cannot pay Fitrana themselves, the head of the household is responsible for paying this act of charity on their behalf. This means that as well as donating the value of one staple item of food as their Fitrana payment, they must also pay the same amount for each person they are responsible for on top of their initial donation. For example, an adult responsible for two young children will make three Fitrana donations.

How Much is Zakat ul-Fitr/Fitrana 2022 in the UK?

The actual value of Fitrana is variable as it is determined by the price of a staple item of food. Fitrana in the UK is usually priced at around £4 per person, but the Zakat ul-Fitr amount for 2022 will be confirmed closer to the time of Ramadan. 

When is Fitrana 2022 Due?

This year’s Fitrana payment is due at any point during the month of Ramadan which, in 2022, is slated to begin on the evening of Saturday 2 April and end on Sunday 1 May, depending on the sighting of the new moon. These dates could fall earlier or later.

Your Fitrana payment must be paid before the Eid prayers begin, which is expected to be Monday 2 May. If you miss your Fitrana payment for any reason, any donation made after the end of Ramadan will be classed as Sadaqah Jariyah and the rewards and blessings will be less than if it was paid as Fitrana during Ramadan.

Who Receives Fitrana?

Whereas with Zakat any of eight established categories are eligible to receive payment, only the first two of these categories are permitted to be the beneficiary of Fitrana. These are:

  • The poor
  • The needy

These are the people considered to be most likely to be without food in their possession to support themselves and any dependents. Fitrana should be paid before the end of Ramadan to allow these people to break the fast along with everyone else over Eid ul-Fitr, which is the festival of the breaking of the fast.

How Can I Pay my Fitrana?

Children of Adam are a registered charity, and, therefore, we are able to receive your Fitrana payment and distribute it amongst the poor and needy. You can donate your Fitrana through our website by heading to our donations page.

We will ensure that your kind payment reaches those who need it, helping the young and old living in poverty to partake in the breaking of the fast.