Water Appeal

Provide water to those in need. Over 2.2 billion people around the world do not have access to safely managed drinking water free of contaminants and disease.  The cost of a water hand pump is just £150, and a deep-water hand pump is only £750. Given how many lives a water pump could save, your kind donations are priceless.


Building water wells and hand pumps is a significant step in our community development approach in empowering people to live their best life. This Ramadan give the gift of water and you can not only save a life; you can contribute to a prosperous future for an entire community.

About the Appeal

If you’re reading this, you likely don’t need to worry about sourcing clean drinking water or finding a hygienic, disease-free sanitation area. You’d be fooled into thinking this is commonplace as a basic necessity for survival, but that isn’t the case. In fact, five million people die every year from water-related diseases, and by 2025, it’s thought that more than half of all people on Earth will be living in a form of water stress. 

Close to 80% of illness in developing nations is believed to be connected to poor quality drinking water and sanitation, but you can help to change these numbers and the lives of entire communities for many years to come.

You can make a difference when you donate to our clean water charity appeal, we will be able to install water pumps and sanitation facilities to communities most in need. This will reduce the risk of deadly diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery being contracted and spread throughout vulnerable communities. With less disease being spread, more children will live to see beyond their fifth birthday, and millions of people will live longer, healthier, fuller lives. 

Providing clean water access is about more than simply installing clean sanitation and drinking water – the work of a water well charity like Children of Adam ensures women and girls do not need to trek for hours every day to source water from a far away reservoir, risking physical attacks and injuries whilst doing so. 

Supporting a water charity means communities can cultivate their crops in the dry season and build a sustainable livelihood for themselves, allowing them to prosper all year round. The impact of clean water goes beyond quenching thirst – it can quite literally change lives – and it doesn’t cost a fortune to have such a big impact, either.

Did you know that by you supporting our water appeal, Allah (SWT) will reward you as doing so counts as a form of sadaqah jariyah for you and loved ones (including those who have passed away), as both you and the recipient continue reaping rewards as long as the project is bringing benefit to people, animals and crops?

In order to ensure your donation provides maximum benefit to the recipients, we have a due process to identify the neediest communities. We value every donation and try to get the best for our donors and beneficiaries. Please rest assured as soon as water pump project you have contributed towards is complete, we will send you a certificate of completion.

Children of Adam can arrange to have names written on the plaques of the hand pumps. Let us know of any names you would like on the plaque by emailing us at [email protected]. Please include your donation reference number so we can identify you. This is great when donating sadaqah jariyah on behalf of a loved one who has passed.

Kindly note: the name provided for the water pump plaque must not exceed 30 characters.

Sa’d ibn Ubadah reported: “He said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, the mother of Sa’d has died, so what is the best charity I may give on her behalf?’ The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, ‘Water.’ Sa’d dug a well and he said, ‘This is for the mother of Sa’d.’“

[Abu Dawud] 

How you’re making an Impact


Meals have been handed out  -  Every week we donate meals not only to local homeless but internationally across 5 countries.


Water Hand pumps - Many thousands  now have access to fresh, clean and safe drinking water

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Your generosity could shape the lives of many. No one deserves to live without basic necessities.

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