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Help families and individuals start up their own businesses and help break the cycle of poverty


Help families and individuals start up their own businesses and break the cycle of poverty by donating to Children of Adam.

About the Appeal

Many people in the developing world have the skills and expertise they need to earn a living without charitable aid, but unfortunately for many, creating a self-sufficient livelihood is something they can only dream of as they don’t have the initial money needed to set up their own businesses.

Children of Adam believes everybody should be given a chance to be able to provide a secure income and future for themselves and their families, and that’s why we’ve created our Empowerment appeal.

Your generosity could help shape the lives of many. Your donations will go towards helping families start up their own businesses, such as buying somebody a rickshaw, giving a widow an income by gifting them milking goats, helping someone set up a grocery store, and teaching somebody how to sew clothes and gifting them with a sewing machine. No one should go through life without the chance of making a living for themselves and their families.

Rather than keeping disadvantaged people stuck in the cycle of poverty, we want to elevate them so that they no longer have to rely on charitable aid to make ends meet and survive. By giving them the most basic of tools, these talented individuals can harness their potential and build a prosperous future for themselves over which they have full autonomy. 

Through your kind donations, we can empower people and show them that they can do it themselves, all they need is a helping hand to get them to the start line. When deprived communities set up their own businesses, they pass down skills and trades for generations, ensuring those who come after them do not have to suffer the way they did. 

Our empowerment appeal aims to give people in developing countries their dignity back, making sure no one goes hungry or is unable to provide for their loved ones again. This is something many of us take for granted. 

In addition, when we allow people to create their own businesses, they’re able to create their own economy within their community. They can trade amongst each other, with everyone in work and having money to spend to support others. Our Empowerment appeal provides those less fortunate with a long-term, viable solution to help them thrive. 

Please help us in assisting families who deserve a better tomorrow.

"No one has ever eaten food better than that which his hands have earned. Indeed, Prophet Dawūd (peace be upon him) used to eat from the earnings of his own hands."

Narrated by Bukhari

How you’re making an Impact


Direct campaign beneficiaries  -  Every week we donate meals not only to local people but internationally across 5 countries.


Meals given each week - Every week we donate meals not only to local people but internationally across 5 countries.

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Your generosity could shape the lives of many. No one deserves to live without water.

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