Gift a Fruit Tree

Gift a Fruit Tree to a family that will last for generations to come. The cost of one fruit tree is £10


By donating you will be leaving a long-lasting sadaqah Jaariyah for yourself or a loved one, just imagine the rewards you will be receiving.

About the Appeal

Give the gift of a fruit tree to a family in need, by doing so you will help a family in growing their own fruit which will enable them to have a sustainable way of providing them with fresh fruit and will also have an impact in the environment around themselves and the wider communities.

Give a gift of £10 and start earning endless rewards for yourselves and your loved ones.

Did you know that by you supporting our fruit tree appeal, Allah (SWT) will reward you as doing so counts as a form of sadaqah jariyah for you and your loved ones (including those who have passed away), as both you and the recipient continue reaping rewards as long as the project is bringing benefit to people and animals?

Rasoolullah peace be upon him said “If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift for him”


How you’re making an Impact


Meals have been handed out  -  Every week we donate meals not only to local homeless but internationally across 5 countries.


Water Hand pumps - Many thousands  now have access to fresh, clean and safe drinking water

Donate now

Your generosity could shape the lives of many. No one deserves to live without basic necessities.

Involving the Community

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