UK Winter Appeal

Children of Adam works extensively with the UK homeless population, specifically the Peterborough homeless, to alleviate the suffering caused by having nowhere to call home.


Children of Adam works extensively with the UK homeless population, specifically the Peterborough homeless, to alleviate the suffering caused by having nowhere to call home. 

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About the Appeal

At no time is the work of charities for the homeless in the UK more vital than in winter, with 78 homeless people dying in 2018 alone, and the number keeps rising.

The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, and most of the people who live here do so in relative comfort. With free healthcare on demand, express supermarkets on every street corner, and more than 268,000 empty houses, you’d be right in thinking there are more than enough resources to go around. 

The issue is, personal circumstances restrict people's access to basic supplies, with more than 280,000 people pushed into poverty and homelessness in 2019 alone. The aftermath of Covid-19 is not yet fully known, meaning the number of people with no fixed address could actually be far higher.

Whoever feeds a hungry believer, Allah will feed him with the fruits of Paradise; and whoever gives a drink to a thirsty believer, Allah will quench his thirst (on the Day of Judgment) with an exquisite drink of Paradise; and whoever clothes a believer, Allah will clothe him with a green robe of Paradise.


How you can make a difference

As we move into winter 2021, charities that help the homeless will be gearing up to
protect the most vulnerable members of society in the way of providing potentially
life-saving provisions.


Supplies warm clothing (hat, scarf, gloves, socks) and a thermal blanket to keep someone warm in the UK this winter.


In addition to providing warm clothing, we also provide hot meals and shelter where possible to those living on the streets

Donate now

No one deserves to live without basic necessities. Please donate so we can help change the lives of UK residents this winter. 

We are used to asking for your kind donations so that we may help our brothers and sisters in third world countries that are less developed, but the harsh truth is that there are still many people right here in the UK who need similar support.

UK Homelessness Statistics

With your donations, we can help those who need it the most. 
Your generosity could shape the lives of many.


People within the UK are currently considered homeless.


Every single day, 200 people enter the streets, becoming homeless.


Three quarters of homeless people have physical health problems


Four out of Five homeless people suffer with mental health.

9 in 10

People in think that homelessness
is a serious problem in the UK


Of all deaths from within the
homeless community are suicides


Is the average lifespan of someone who
is from the homeless community.

Donate Today

Please give what you can so we can continue our efforts to support those facing homelessness this winter. A hot meal and thermal clothing, paired with the knowledge that someone out there cares, could save a life. 

As you put on your thick coat and turn on the heating to keep your home warm, please spare a thought for those who do not have such luxuries and consider supporting our UK winter appeal. All donations – no matter how big or small – are greatly appreciated.

Additionally, please take a look at our international winter appeals and see how we are helping people in seven countries around the world.

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