We work in many countries outside of the UK on a vast expanse of projects, including eye cataract surgery, installing water wells, sponsoring orphans and weekly feeding programmes. There are millions of people around the world who need our help, but the problems being faced vary by country to country, which is why we have dedicated teams in different locations who focus on specific issues.

We have made great strides through lots of our appeals, with over 900 water wells being installed in Pakistan and weekly feeding sessions for orphan children in Tanzania in 2020 alone. 

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In addition to our work internationally, we continue to work with the homeless in the UK whilst continually working to expand the range of causes and countries we work in. We recognise that some people feel compelled to donate to certain causes more than others for personal reasons, and that’s why we give our donors the option to choose which of our general appeals they want to support with their donation.

100% Donation Policy

Children of Adam understands the importance of amanah(trust); the responsibility and accountability it brings.

Children of Adam seek the guidance of scholars to ensure that Charity’s funds are distributed and monitored correctly. Knowing that we are all ultimately accountable to the Almighty, the charity strives to maintain transparency and accountability.

It is incredibly important to us that the donations we receive go to the causes they are intended for, and that’s why we have a donation policy which ensures that is the case. This allows us to help as many people as possible and change as many lives as we can with the money we have kindly been given.

Please consider donating to any of our general appeals listed below. Any contribution will be warmly appreciated and will be used entirely to change the lives of those who need it the most.

So you may be wondering how do Children of Adam pay for admin? 

The simple answer is because of great people like you and businesses who donate to our administration fund and believe in our vision and help us in maintaining our donation policy. We also use tax reclaimed through the Gift Aid scheme to help run the charity, please do continue to help us by filling out a gift aid form and return it to us.

We request all our donors and supporters to please continue to contribute towards our administration fund to enable us to maintain our commitment to our donation policy which without you would not be possible, may Allah swt reward you all with the best of rewards.

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